Mitsubishi Boss Osamu Entero Decides to Resign

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced that Osamu Masuko was stepping down as chairman of the board and executive officer. According to MMC, Masuko resigned due to health problems.

As quoted from the official website Mitsubishi MotorsThe position of Masuko will be temporarily filled by Takao Kato, who currently serves as a member of the board of directors, representative of executive officers, chief executive officer (CEO) of MMC.

Kato is known to have served as CEO of MMC since June 2019 replacing Masako. Kato also had time to visit Indonesia at the launch of Xpander Cross in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Masuko stated in the written statement that he will be placed in the position of special advisor to MMC. However, there was no mention of the health problems experienced by Masuko.

Masuko was born on February 19, 1949 and completed his education in March 1972 from Waseda University, Faculty of Political Science and Economics. In the same year, Masuko had a career at Mitsubishi.

Masuko’s career was long and brilliant until he was finally trusted as president of Mitsubishi in 2005.

Masuko also filled other strategic positions at Mitsubishi, namely Chairman of the Board and CEO of MMC in 2018, Member of the Board and CEO in 2017, and President and CEO in 2016.

During his tenure as president and CEO, Masuko led the company in a variety of areas including the introduction of environmentally friendly vehicles such as pure electric cars and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).

In addition, Masuko also leads the expansion of Mitsubishi’s production and sales in the ASEAN region.


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