Mitsubishi Xpander Ultimate Hunted During PPnBM Discounts, These are the Advantages


Mitsubishi Xpander Ultimate A/T – As the top variant, Mitsubishi Xpander Ultimate is claimed by Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) is still the wanted variant.

“Regarding which variants are the best-selling during PPnBM, if we look at almost all xpander and xpander cross variants, there is an increase in demand, the highest being the Xpander Ultimate and Xpander cross Premium variants,” explained Budi Dermawan Daulay, Group Head of Regional Sales – Sales & MMKSI Marketing Division during Mitsubishi’s virtual press conference (10/6).

Xpander Ultimate as the top variant is favored by Indonesian consumers because it has a complete set of features, even compared to rivals in other Low MPV classes such as the Avanza, Xenia and Ertiga.

Some of these things can be a strong reason why the Ultimate variant for Rp. 278.9 million (not including the PPnBM discount) is in demand by most Indonesian consumer characters.

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Head unit 7 inci Mitsubishi Xpander Ultimate A/T


Head unit 7 inci Mitsubishi Xpander Ultimate A/T

In terms of practicality and accommodation, Xpander can be said to be the best in its class.

The large body dimensions, with the long wheelbase make the cabin so spacious, even for adults measuring 160-170 cm sitting in the third row.

The Xpander Ultimate variant also has a beige and black color combination. The beige color that only exists in this top variant seems to give the impression of a roomy and spacious cabin.