Mixed results in the 25 horse race


Rashed Horse Racing Club

In the presence of His Highness Shaikh Abdullah bin Isa Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Supreme Commission of the Rashid Club for Equestrian and Horse Racing and His Highness Shaikh Isa bin Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Vice Chairman of the Supreme Board of the Rashid Club for Equestrian and Horse Racing, Held on the cups of the Bahrain Center for Jewelery and Cups Bourshin sponsored by Behbehani Motors and the Rashed Club for Equestrian and Horse Racing, on the race track of the club in Al Rafa area in Sakhir.

Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah bin Isa Al Khalifa, HH Shaikh Isa bin Abdullah bin Isa Al Khalifa, HH Sheikh Salman bin Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa and many fans of equestrian and horse racing attended the race.

The race saw mixed results between the surprises and the expected victories, as the stable horses of the Stable stable dominated and dominated the local production with 3 Hattrick victories. The most powerful was the King’s Cup winner “Billion” in the sixth silver Porsche Cup when he repeated his superiority over his opponent. For the second time this season, after a strong bilateral conflict between the two horses, especially in the last few meters and decided to champion “billion” strongly and insist on a nose difference.

While the other two victories of Stable thrived with superiority through the candidate Persia “Raida” and horse “guide”, which imposed their superiority over the first two games and the second and won big differences.

The first candidate, “Barmendi”, the King of Shaikh Isa Bin Daij Bin Salman Al Khalifa and led by Richard Mullen, confirmed his worth and decorated Bahrain’s Jewelry Cup in the seventh game. He won his second win of the season, which came after his victory after his strong and fast start in the last 400 Despite the competition he faced from rivals Wesel Stopp-Zimeran, who finished second and third.

The candidate horse, Kahilan Aafas 1695, was able to win the third win of the season after his strong entry in the last few meters to win a half-mile victory over his opponent, the second horse, “Crean 1706”.

On the other hand, the surprises came twice in the race, where the first was through the horse «Navron» King of Shaikh Salman bin Rashid bin Mohammed Al Khalifa and led by the knight Adnan Jafar, who starred in leading the horse through a successful plan to start in the forefront from the beginning and able to Knight Adnan control horse He took advantage of the weight difference in his favor and grabbed his second win in the Bahrain track after his victory over the horse the first candidate «Venseng», while the second surprise came through the horse «Ratz Boy» for the greenstable and led by Omani knight Anas Al Siyabi, who beat expectations and scored his first victory in the Bahraini track when he starred in Aadh horse through the launch of a surprise to the introduction in the last 200 meters to snatch win exciting behind the length and three-quarters of the length of the first horse candidate «narrator».

The race was marked by veteran Englishman Jimmy Quinn with four Super Hattrick victories.


The winners of the race were crowned with the award of the first half of the Bahrain Jewelery Center by HH Sheikh Issa bin Abdullah bin Isa Al Khalifa, the second half and sixth to Shaikh Hamad bin Abdullah bin Isa Al Khalifa, Salman bin Rashid bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, the fifth half cup to the winning owner Sayed Hashim Sayed Shubar, the seventh half cup to Shaikh Daij bin Salman bin Mubarak Al Khalifa. Ahmed Shirazi also presented the prizes from the Bahrain Jewelery Center to the winners and the winners of the first place, Mr Tawfiq Sharaf Al-Alawi, General Manager of Rashid Club for Equestrian and Horse Racing, presented the club’s third cup to the winning winner Abdullah Koueiti.


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