ML Media receives twist and drink social media budget ›ExtraDienst

Twist and Drink relies on ML Media and Text und Bildmanufaktur to support its social media channels. The budget includes the strategic relaunch of all social channels and content formats, the development of a new corporate channel identity and the operational full-service support for all channels, including all social media assets. “For almost every adult, the colorful bottles are associated with emotional moments from childhood. We will awaken these memories in young people and adults and give children the opportunity to experience them, ”says Alexander Fasching, Head of Operation at ML Marketing. With the new appearance on Instagram and Facebook, Twist and Drink aims to address the right target groups in a targeted manner – both organically and paid – and thus build and expand its awareness, reach and brand presence.

Brand relaunch, more innovation and a new spirit

“We are in the middle of a brand relaunch for spin and drink. We will give the brand a new perspective and rely on its core values ​​- twist and drink as an Austrian family company with regional production in Gutenstein, Lower Austria and a high-quality recipe consisting of real fruits and mountain spring water from Austria. “, Says Shanna-Carina Zajicek, Head of Marketing at Klosterquell Hofer GmbH.


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