MLB applies suspensions for fight between Mets and Cardinals

Major League Baseball’s vice president of field operations, Michael Hillannounced this Thursday the sanctions imposed on several players involved in the brawl this past Wednesday starring the New York Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals.

starter Nolan Arenado was suspended for two games and the Dominican pitcher Genesis Cabrera he was suspended for just one, both players from the St. Louis Cardinals. In addition to receiving fines for undisclosed amounts.

Arenado appealed the suspension and this allowed him to see action in this Thursday’s game between the Cardinals and the Arizona Diamondbacks, in the same Arenado he hit two hits and raised his batting average to .382 in the Cardinals’ 8-run victory by 3 over the Arizona DBacks.

Other players who were also sanctioned were the pitchers Yoan Lopez and Tijuan Walker both from the Mets and the pitcher Jack Flaherty of the Cardinals.

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