MLB: Luis Arráez has become the card up Minnesota’s sleeve | baseball 123

Frederlin Castro | @fr3djcd

In the month of May and throughout the MLB regular season thus far, many well-known players are making headlines, thanks to the work they’ve done at the plate. But names like Aaron Judge, Mike Trout and Manny Machado come to mind, as all three have been unraveling the ball.

However, today’s game values ​​other metrics and one of them is getting on base. When it comes to that category in the month of May, a Minnesota Twins player tops the list.

Luis Arráez has always been characterized by his ability to make constant contact. The Venezuelan ballplayer is averaging .338 with 36 singles and 11 RBIs for an .849 OPS.

When it comes to hitters with at least 100 plate appearances in May, Arraez has the second-highest OBP in baseball at .437.

Minnesota’s offense has been a fairly consistent force after a slow start in April and a big reason is Arraez and his consistent contributions near the top of the order.

While Arraez has been a bit patchy defensively, what he has done at the plate has been invaluable to a team from the Twins who lead the American League in OBP (.325) for the season.