MLB: Oswaldo Cabrera’s days are numbered in the Yankees heading to the postseason | baseball 123

Frederlin Castro

Oswaldo Cabrera is showing how good he is at playing ball despite his youth.

The Yankees are using Oswaldo Cabrera in right field frequently in recent days after passing several tests in the infield. But they needed to move him to the outfield due to mounting injuries to other players, clearly nothing more than a temporary solution to a growing problem for this Yankees team.

New York has had doubts in the outfield since the start of the season. Giancarlo Stanton’s inability to play the outfield regularly has already put them in a bind. It has been Aaron Judge’s ability and willingness to play well in midfield that has saved them in more ways than one.

Good things don’t last long

Cabrera, a temporary answer to right field, is about to leave. Once Andrew Benintendi returns, it would make sense for him to send Cabrera back to the minors. Cabrera’s first problems with the team have not made anyone trust what he can do for the club in the future.

While we shouldn’t completely rule him out as a future outfielder for this team, who could even replace Aaron Hicks, he’s not a player who’s guaranteed to make the postseason roster.