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MLB: the best moments in the history of the Baseball World Series

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The Baseball World Series It is not only the most important game of each year in the Major League Baseball (MLB), but it is also a platform for stories, which in its 115 years of existence has not provided great moments for eternity.

We have met all champion teams of Major League Baseball, we also review the most winning franchises of the October Classic, and we also introduce the paintings that have never been able to win the highest trophy of this competition.

That is why in this past we want to evoke the memory, and remember those moments that until today are remembered by fans of the MLB, the vast majority of them are moments of full happiness and historical feats, but there are also passages for mistakes that remain forever.

5.- Babe Ruth’s last show

Babe Ruth, eternal legend of Major League Baseball (Getty)

After switching from Boston Red Sox a los New York Yankees in 1918, Babe Ruth became one of the greatest legends to ever step on the Big Top, winning seven World Series, the last of which was in 1932.

In the fourth game of the series against Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field, during the fifth inning to Child it occurred to him to point his bat towards center field, and immediately afterwards, achieved a solitary home run towards that designated area, causing commotion among fans.

4.- The best baseball game in history

The ESPN chain classified this finale of the 1975 season between Boston Red Sox y Cincinnati Reds as the second-best World Series in history, and most agree that Game 6 of this series is The Best Baseball Game of All Time.

He October 21 of that year at Fenway Park, Massachusetts, in a game lasting more than three hours, with a break included by rain, the Red Sox They took the victory in the 12th inning thanks to a long ball from Carlton Fisk, who hit the yellow post that divides the foul from the good ground and the judges hit it as a home run.

However, it was of little use because Boston would end up losing the series at home and the Reds won their third World Series.

3.- Bill Buckner’s mistake

Bill Buckner Serie Mundial

Buckner’s mistake that extended the Curse of the Bambino to the Red Sox (Getty)

While in the 21st century, Boston Red Sox was able to win the World Series again, the fact is that lived for 85 years with The Curse of the Bambino, then in 1919, the then owner Harry Frazee decided to sell to Babe Ruth to the Yankees.

During these eight more decades, he was closest to breaking the streak was in 1986, when the October 25 game 6 of the series was played against New York Mets at old Shea Stadium, when in the 10th inning, Mookie Wilson hit home base that seemed easy for Bill Buckner, but he erred in the calculation, allowing Ray Knight to score the winning run to bring it all to Game 7.

It was in Fenway Park, where the negative legend of the player was finally consummated, after the squad of The big Apple he will win the victory to obtain his second and last World Series.

2.- David defeated Goliath

In 2001 a historical event happened for the Major Leagues, since It was the first time that the World Series reached November, on that occasion the almighty New York Yankees they faced the novel Arizona Diamondbacks.

In a final that had Derek Jeter becoming Mr. November; finally who took the glory was the Phoenix franchise, who with Randy Johnson on the mound and the remembered unstoppable hit of Luis González, who connected to Mariano RiveraIn Game 7, he allowed Jay Bell’s winning run and gave them their only MLB title on record.

1.- Curse of the goat Billy is over

The greatest moment in the history of the Baseball World Series takes us to the November 2, 2016, at Progressive Field in Cleveland, where the Indians faced the Chicago Cubs in Game 7.

History will say that the Cubs beat Curse of the goat Billy, dating from 1945 or the ghost of Steve Bartman, the most hated fan in history, to stay with the victory, in extra innings 8-7.

Forever will be the hit of Michael Martínez to the hot zone, the catch of Kris Bryant and the pass to Anthony Rizzo, who at first base obtained the final out that ended with nothing less than 108 years of drought.


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