MLB: What fails Willians Astudillo to be left out of the Miami Marlins? | baseball 123

Harold Capote Fernandez

Willians Astudillo was placed this Sunday by the Miami Marlins on the Assignment list. Perhaps, before his short participation of 17 commitments, many of us could have thought that with this cast he could establish himself as a substitute player, mainly because of his ability to perform in different positions, including pitching.

However, digging into “The Turtle’s” stats, we find some flaws that may explain the extent of the Fish’s high command.

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The Venezuelan left a batting average of .270, with a .289 on-base percentage, a .351 slugging percentage, a .641 OPS; In those same four sections, the generality of the major leagues for .242, .311, .393 and .705.

Similarly, the average strikeout percentage of major league sluggers is 22.2%, Astudillo’s is 5.3%, while his walk percentage is 2.6% versus 8.3%.

On the other hand, although his fielding percentage in 3 games as a first baseman and 9 as a third baseman were perfect, as a second baseman he presented a poor .875 with 2 sins.

Another factor that would also affect him in the short term is the return of infield utility Joey Wendle; On this there is no precise date to return, but so far in 2022, he accumulates a .284 average, with a .340 on-base percentage, a .420 slugging percentage and a .761 slugging percentage in 29 games, in all, superior to our countryman.

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Of course, this decision by the Marlins should not be taken as tragic, because whether or not his total departure from the organization materializes, some other cast will probably show interest in his services.

Let’s remember that Willians Astudillo is one of the most versatile and playful players today in the world of bats, gloves and balls.