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Harold Capote Fernandez

In a sport like baseball we can see everything, no game is exactly the same as another and this Sunday there is one of those super rare situations to see, a cast that comes out the winning port despite not hitting any hits, as it is the case of the Pittsburgh Pirates against the Cincinnati Reds.

This is a fantastic pitching matchup between Hunter Greene for the Scarlets and Jose Quintana for the Freebooters.

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The pitcher of the visit reaches the eighth section invulnerable in the hits section, so he remains, the detail is that after 1 out he gives consecutive walks to Rodolfo Castro and Michael Pérez.

Faced with this situation and with the game tied at 0, David Bell directs in search of the laurel and takes out his shotgun after 118 shipments, the replacement, Art Warren, also incurs bases on balls, this one for Ben Gamel and the pads are full.

Thus, Ke´Bryan Hayes bats for a forced out at second while Castro scores; then Bryan Reynolds flied out to shortstop.

With 8 complete innings, David Bednar arrives to close the floodgates, relieves perfectly and adds his seventh save, leaving his ERA at 1.00.

Greene sadly must take the loss, in a reminder of how damaging walks can be to pitchers and a team. In 7.1 innings he doesn’t allow hits, that single streak, 5 walks and strikes out 9; he is 1-6 with a 6.21 ERA.

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Also very remarkable is the work of Colombian José Quintana for the locals. In 7 complete innings he only had 3 hits, gave 1 walk, struck out 5 and his ERA improved to 2.19.

This was the sixth time in Major League history since 1901 that a team won despite going hitless. The last time that happened was in 2008, when the Angels’ Jered Weaver and Jose Arredondo lost despite going hitless against the Dodgers.

According to the rules for major league records, Cincinnati’s performance is not an official no-hitter because its pitchers did not pitch at least nine innings.

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