MLB Yadier Molina surprises Cardinals engaged couple

Baseball games are often used, on some occasions, to make great demonstrations of love as some couples make marriage requests during an MLB or any league match. Such is the case of a couple, who got engaged at the San Luis Cardenales stadium and who, in addition, received a surprise from nothing more and nothing less than Yadier Molina.

Jeremy Gregge and Erica Pulley is a once-engaged couple who made the declaration of love and promise of marriage during a St. Louis Cardinals game of the 2021 MLB Season.

This special loving moment became even more emotional when it emerged that Yadier Molina had given the couple his best wishes after he watched the engagement video at Busch Stadium.

Cardenales is Pulley’s favorite team and the Puerto Rican catcher, his favorite player. That is why Gregge says that, in addition to it being something she had already said she wanted, he decided to propose to her there.

Yadier Molina added even more emotion to the moment and after hitting a home run for the St. Louis Cardinals victory, he gave his best wishes to the young couple.


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