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Creepy news from the hereafter, confusing love messages from the ex: Tens of thousands of Americans have received in the middle of the night mysterious text messages that seem to come from the past.

For example, Twitter user "KuribHoe" wrote: "I got an SMS from my best friend's phone. The only problem: she's been dead since February. "In another Tweet she noted, "Recently I talked loudly while driving with her, asking her advice on how I do it regularly, even though I know she can not answer – and now I wake up and have messages from her on the phone . "

Another woman, according to the news site "HuffPost," received a message from her husband, who died in June. It just said "Dakota". The two were married for 50 years, such a short message only with location information, he never sent her during his lifetime, said Debra Achatz.

Matt Broskie Meanwhile, a friend of his mother, who received a Valentine's message from her recently deceased husband, reported.

► It's no coincidence that numerous other telephone customers also received Valentines. As is now known, ALL of the mysterious messages were sent on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2019.

Affected were customers of various US telephone companies such as T-Mobile, Sprint, AT & T and Verizon. The ghost text messages appeared on all kinds of devices.

After much puzzling, however, followed a banal and very earthly explanation: It was just a technical error.

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Syniverse, which provides services and technology to a number of telecom operators, took the blame: "During an internal maintenance cycle, 168,149 previously undelivered text messages were mistakenly sent to subscribers to multiple mobile operators," it said in an email which quoted the news agency Bloomberg. The problem has now been resolved, said marketing director William Hurley, apologized and said, it is now working that such a thing never repeats.

In most cases, the users will be very happy about it, sometimes the news led to unpleasant situations – as with the employee of a company, who reported that his boss yelled at him because he had received a text message from him at 4 o'clock in the morning. In some cases, the late text messages but probably also good: A woman reported that the text message from her ex had led to the two had come back friendly.

In Germany SMS messages are stored only 48 hours on the servers of the portable radio. If they can not be delivered during this time, the sender receives a corresponding message and the content of the SMS disappears in digital nirvana.

Nevertheless, there have been cases in Europe where customers have received SMS messages again after weeks or months. Probable reason for this: Errors in backup systems.

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