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Mobile phone maker LG to sell iPhone …

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LG has just concluded a new partnership with Apple, with the aim of reselling some of its products in South Korea. More precisely, it is in all of its four hundred stores located across the country that the firm has chosen to launch this initiative. The exact list of references in question has not been specified, but we know that Mac computers are not affected since their collection can be duplicated with other laptops in these stores.

According to Herald Economic Daily, the local newspaper at the origin of the news, consumers will however be able to find several emblematic articles of the apple brand. Starting with the iPhone, which is already the source of most of its international revenues. Not far away, sales of one of its favorite markets are also evolving; China.

Justice has a say

Only two Apple Stores have opened in South Korea so far. Both are based in Seoul, the capital. Although home delivery is also available from the brand’s official website or its app for iOS, it is true that this presence in the territory remains very meager compared to other states. Thus, France – with around fifteen million more inhabitants – can, for example, count on twenty stores as far as cities such as Strasbourg or Dijon.

Unfortunately, although the arrival of Apple products in LG stores seems relatively well received by the population, local officials do not seem to agree. The negotiations even lasted for many months before the competition authority finally gave its approval, unable to date to have been able to prove any obstacle to the law.

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New breakthrough in Asia for Cupertino?

Historical base of chaebols like Samsung, South Korea has always been difficult to penetrate for Apple and its Californian marketing. Regardless, the company will also supply Watch smartwatches and iPad tablets to LG stores it will collaborate with. Will its price positioning and design convince buyers on site?

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