Mobile phone scandal: Football Association sues Cristiano Ronaldo!

Is it getting serious for Cristiano Ronaldo (37) now? The football star has often been noticed on the pitch for questionable behavior. He keeps freaking out against other players or fans. A few months ago, the Portuguese shocked viewers when he slapped the phone out of the hands of an autistic boy in the stands. This now has serious consequences for Cristianoas the British Football Association files charges against him!

As The Sun reported, the British Football Association is suing Cristianobecause he violated the internal rules with his outburst. He behaved “inappropriately and violently”. Since the Portuguese international plays for the English club Manchester United, he actually has to stick to it. At the beginning of the month, he was interrogated by the police for assault and property damage, but was then released with a warning. But now the association is pulling the ripcord.

After this Cristiano lost with his team in a match against Everton, he then lost his temper when a boy from the auditorium tried to take a picture with him. Cristiano slapped the phone out of his hand and just walked on. After the star kicker learned that the boy has autism, he apologized, but now he seems to have to answer anyway.

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