ARDROID: One Plus is expected to unveil its new smartphone on October 17.

The phone 6T – expected to be launched in the coming weeks – will be the first smartphone from the company that does not have a 3.5 mm speaker jack, although this decision may not appeal to many of the company's Chinese customers, but the current time is "time Appropriate "to make this change, according to BP.

BN says 59% of the company's user base already has a wireless headset, which means that the new change will not cause any problem for the vast majority of potential users.

OnePlus will take advantage of the free space by removing the 3.5mm jack to increase battery size, so the OnePlus 6T will have a larger battery that offers a more integrated experience.

On the other hand, the company has unveiled a new model of USB Bullets V2 USB-C, and it is not yet clear whether this headset will be attached to the phone or will be sold separately.

This content confirms the removal of a 3.5 mm port from the OnePlus 6T phone and reveals a USB-C headset, which is transferred by the Egyptian search engine 24 and transferred as it is from the source (Android), and does not express the view of the site or editorial policy But it is the responsibility of the news and its validity to the original publisher is Aardroid.



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