Mobile speed cameras in Offenbach am Main currently on Thursday: Here you have to beware of radar controls on September 22nd, 2022

If you don’t have your car’s gas pedal under control this Thursday in Offenbach am Main, you can quickly get caught in a speed trap. On September 22nd, 2022 there will be mobile speedometers on the side of the road again. Here you can find out all current speed camera locations in Offenbach am Main.

At one location in Offenbach am Main, there is currently a particularly high risk of being fined or even being banned from driving if you drive too fast. Of the road traffic is subject to constant and adapted surveillance by the police in Hesse. Temporary speed measurements must therefore be expected throughout the city of Offenbach am Main.

The speed camera locations in Offenbach am Main on September 22, 2022

Flashing takes place in the Karlstrasse, PLZ 63065 in Mathildenviertel. It was reported Blitzer on 09/22/2022 at 13:59 (confirmed on 09/22/2022 15:36). Please stick to the specified speed limit of 50 km/h. (View location on map.)

(Last update: 09/22/2022, 05:17 p.m.)

With adapted driving behavior you not only protect yourself, but also all other road users. Therefore, always adhere to the specified maximum speeds and show consideration for cyclists and pedestrians.

What are the fines for exceeding the speed limit?

The Road Traffic Act (StVO) is certainly known to everyone. In connection with the catalog of fines, this regulates the penalties for exceeding the permissible speeds. As a rule, you have to expect fines here, if the violation is higher, points in Flensburg or even a driving ban can also be added. Unless otherwise specified, the maximum speed outside of built-up areas is 100 km/h and in built-up areas 50 km/h.

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Rules for cars in urban areas

violationStrafePointsdriving ban
about 10 km/h30 €
11 – 15 km/h50 €
16 – 20 km/h70 €
21 – 25 km/h115 €1
26 – 30 km/h180 €11 month
31 – 40 km/h260 €11 month
41 – 50 km/h400 €21 month
51 – 60 km/h560 €22 months
61 – 70 km/h700 €23 Fun
over 70 km/h800 €23 Fun

Rules for cars outside town

violationStrafePointsdriving ban
about 10 km/h20 €
11 – 15 km/h40 €
16 – 20 km/h60 €
21 – 25 km/h100 €1
26 – 30 km/h150 €11 month
31 – 40 km/h200 €11 month
41 – 50 km/h320 €21 month
51 – 60 km/h480 €21 month
61 – 70 km/h600 €22 Sweet
over 70 km/h700 €23 Fun

What about the tolerance deduction for mobile speed cameras?

In principle, the accuracy of the measurements can vary from device to device, which is why the tolerance deduction applied can also vary. However, no distinction is made between stationary and mobile speed cameras. As a rule, at speeds of up to 100 km/h, exactly 3 km/h are deducted. Speeds above this are usually reduced by 3 percentage points before the fine is applied.

This is how mobile speedometers work

There are many variants of mobile measuring points. There are various standing devices that can be easily mounted on a stand or tripod and are quickly ready for use. The police can thus monitor accident black spots and danger spots very flexibly. Speed ​​camera trailers in various designs (so-called enforcement trailers) are now well known. From a technological point of view, a general distinction is made between laser and radar measuring devices. Sensor measuring devices can also be used more rarely.

Speed ​​camera apps and radar detectors are prohibited while driving

In addition to the direct behavior of road users in road traffic, the Road Traffic Act (StVO) also regulates the use of so-called radar detectors. in the Auto installed radar warning devices that warn of speed cameras while driving are prohibited, as is the operation of real-time warning apps on the smartphone. The smartphone itself and the navigation app do not have to be switched off for this, only the warning function for speed traps has to be deactivated. Paragraph 23, paragraph 1b of the Road Traffic Act reads: “Anyone who drives a vehicle may not operate a technical device or carry it ready for operation that is intended to indicate or disrupt traffic monitoring measures.”

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