[Mobil’Idées] To shape new forms of mobility, which taxes can be invented?

Taxing to transform mobility, is it a good idea? Or an easy way out? In any case, this is the option favored by the public authorities to encourage companies and individuals to green their modes of travel. Fuel taxes, penalties for the purchase of a new vehicle above a certain level of CO2 emissions (with a bonus for the most virtuous models), and now on the weight of the vehicles. CO2 quota to be respected for the fleets of automobile manufacturers (under penalty of a fine per gram of CO2 in excess)… This fiscal policy allows rapid and spectacular results to be obtained. Thus, in 2020, under the combined effect of premiums, penalties, and the pressure put on car manufacturers, the average level of CO2 emissions from new cars fell below the 100 gram mark, a little above 96 grams.

It would therefore be tempting to invent new taxes to reorient new areas of mobility.


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