Model flaunts C-section scar in Sports Illustrated’s jersey edition

For the first time in its history, the famous jersey edition of the magazine Sports Illustrated highlights a mark that many people have on the skin: a post-caesarean section scar.

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The simple fact of wearing a bathing suit in public can become an issue for those who have a scar near the pubis and are embarrassed to reveal it in broad daylight. However, the model Kelly Hues displays it with aplomb!

The purpose of this image is to authentically show the beauty of motherhood and to help people who have had a C-section feel proud. At the same time, it normalizes the taboos surrounding the recovery of the body after childbirth and the pressure that weighs on women’s shoulders to return to a certain physique.

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In its 38 years of existence, this is the first caesarean section scar photographed by the magazine. On Instagram, model Kelly Hues explains why it’s so important for her to show off her body, without retouching.

“As a model, I was very self-conscious about my scar and my recovery was incredibly difficult, but it wasn’t until I fully embraced my scar that I felt the true power it holds.”

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In recent years, Sports Illustrated has made a shift in its approach to its “Swimsuit Issue” and puts forward more women, men and non-binary people from marginalized communities. A breath of fresh air!

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