Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Models say Testino and Weber have them sexually exploited

End impunity. In the world of fashion, powerful men, such as fashion designers, photographers, agency bosses have long been able to take advantage of their power, to satisfy their perversions in the professional setting. Like Terry Richardson, many photographers were regularly accused of sexual harassment, who worked for decades without being worried. During this time, their victims were silent and “managed” as Christine Angot said so badly. But omerta is no more. As in a river in full vintage, the current of denunciations, which follows the Weinstein affair, overflows on all the mediums. p> Mario Testino , 64 years old and Bruce Weber , 71 years old, photographer of the royal family for one and of Dior or Calvin Klein for the others have been charged with abuse of authority and sexual harassment by a few men in the columns of the NY Times . Journal that does a great job of investigation for several months on these cases of harassment and to whom we owe many revelations about the Weinstein affair. READ ALSO. Testino Neymar Photography Naked shoots required 15 male models who worked with Weber for advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein or Abercrombie have denounced unnecessary nudity and coercive sexual behavior during photo shoots. The ritual was often the same. Bruce Weber asked them to undress and breathe by touching the body and his own to “circulate energy”. “I remember putting his fingers in my mouth and catching my private parts,” says the model Robyn Sinclair at the NY Times. “We have never had sex, but a lot has happened. Many moved gestures and brutality. They are 13 men, assistants and models, who denounce the actions of Mario Testino in the 90s: masturbations, sexual advances and inappropriate gestures. The photographer’s representatives say they are surprised by these allegations. The law firm Lavely & Singer, in charge of the defense of Mario Testino’s rights, questions the personality of the plaintiffs and says that he wrote to former employees to contradict his comments. Abuse of power “In the world of fashion, young male models are very vulnerable. They are less respected and exploited, “says Trish Goff, an old model. “We were warned when a photographer had a deviant reputation. But if we refused to work with someone like Mario Testino or Bruce Weber, we just had to pack his stuff and look for another job. ” “If you wanted to work with Testino, you had to go through a nude photo shoot at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles,” said Jason Fedele, who did the Gucci commercials with him. “It was a sexual predator,” says Ryan Locke, who took over from Jason Fedele for Gucci. “All the models told you to tighten your belt if you worked with him. It was the usual joke. One day for the Gucci campaign, he closed the door, crawled on the bed while I was naked, he climbed on me saying I am the girl you are the boy. I threw the towel out of my stuff and left. ” Shared responsibilities Alerted, Tom Ford, Gucci’s DA at the time, supported the photographer. Former employees say Testino has a weakness for heterosexuals and is making increasingly aggressive advances. Calvin Klein, who sells a hypersexual image of his brand with the help of Bruce Weber, recently told the Times: “I take pictures as I have always done, listening to my heart.” “We sell sex,” says Tom Ford. From there, everyone rejects the stone. Brands say it’s up to agencies to protect the model. The agencies return the ball to the marks. As in Hollywood, his business has been choked from time to time in recent decades with very little effect. The system seems to have been quicker to preserve its image of perfection than to clean up its bad actors. Photographer Terry Richardson, after being accused of rape in a documentary, continues to work for leading luxury brands and superstars like Beyoncé . But the denunciation of Weinstein’s actions completely changed the landscape.

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