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Modena-Lentigione 2-2 (Video Gol Serie D): Ferrario in the final saves Bollini debut


Series D, Modena-Lentigione 2-2: at the Alberto stadium Braglia a network in the final on penalty of Ferrario saves the debut of the new technician of the canaries Bollini, who had gone ahead with the same striker Gialloblu in the 24th minute, but then suffered the comeback of the guests with Bernasconi is Rome. Peak distant two points, with the Pergolettese that sends away theAdrense.


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Tabellino Modena-Lentigione 2-2

MODENA (4-3-3): Piras; Ndoj (83 'Bellini), Dierna, Gozzi, Zanoni; Messori, Pettarin (66 'Ferretti), Boscolo Papo; Montella, Ferrario, Baldazzi (54 'Sansovini). TO layout: Dieye, Berni, Cortinovis, Magliozzi, Bellini, Parisi, Sansovini, Falanelli, Capasso, Ferretti. Coach: Bollini

LENTIGIONE (4-4-2): Faccioli; Denti, Bertoli, Rea, Maffezzoli; Kane, M. Roma, Zagnoni, Tamagnini (74 'Crescenzi); Bernasconi (78 'Traore), Bandaogo (3' Ragnoli – 61 'Guazzo). Available: Cheli, Crescenzi, Toma, Ragnoli, Di Maira, Traore, Buffagni, Gazzo, Ghidoni. Coach: Psalms

REFEREE: Zucchetti of Foligno (De Cristofaro-Toce)

MARKERS: 24 'Ferrario, 37' Bernasconi, 63 'Roma, 94' rig. Ferrario

NOTE: Ammonites Teeth, Bernasconi, Tamagnini, Faccioli, Gouache

RECOVERY: 2 'p.t., 5' s.t.

Modena-Lentigione, the story of the match

96 '- The race ends

95 '- Ammonito Gouache

ninety two' – MODENA RIDE! On the rigor conquered by Ferrario, for foul immediately by Faccioli, the same striker signs the draw net

90 '- Five minutes recovery

63 '- DOUBLE SLOPE! Rome served from the left, anticipates Piras with the tip of the foot and bags

53 '- Ammonito Bernasconi for withholding on Dierna

46 '- Start the second half

47 '- Ends the first half

45 '- Two minutes recovery

37 '- LENTIGION COMING! Conclusion from the distance of Bernasconi that beats Piras

26 '- Ammonito Teeth

24 '- MODENA ADVANTAGE! Montella from the right serves Ferrario beating Faccioli

1 '- The match started

14.18: Here are the official formations

Modena (4-3-3) Piras; Ndoj, Dierna, Gozzi, Zanoni; Messori, Pettarin, Boscolo Papo; Montella, Ferrario, Baldazzi

Lentigione (4-4-2) Faccioli; Denti, Bertoli, Rea, Maffezzoli; Kane, M. Roma, Zagnoni, Tamagnini; Bernasconi, Bandaogo

At the Alberto stadium Braglia the challenge is the scene Modena-Lentigione, race valid for the nineteenth day of the championship of D Series Girone D: the meeting of the scene this afternoon January 13 with the start whistle scheduled for the 2.30 pm

Mr. Luca was appointed to direct the Modena-Lentigione meeting Zucchetti of the section of Foligno, assisted by assistants Dario De Cristofaro of the section of Rovereto and Marco Toce of the Florence section.

Modena-Lentigione, the presentation of the match

The canaries of the new engineer Andrea Bollini, took over in the week to Mr. Luigi Apolloni, exonerated following the faux pas last Sunday against the Vigor Carpaneto, still hold the record in the standings 38 points, even in cohabitation with the Pergolettese, that in the last round of the championship he beat the San Marino for 2-1.

In the last five races only six points have arrived, with the victory that has been missing for almost a month, in the 2-1 trimmed just at the Pergolettese last December 16th, three draws against San Marino for 0-0, Adrense for 1-1 e Sasso Marconi for 2-2.

Eleventh position instead for the Lentigione, which has totaled 21 points so far, the result of four successes, nine draws and five losses. Three draws and two successes in the last outings of the team led by the technician Francesco Psalms, which also presents the third worst attack of the group, with just sixteen goals scored in eighteen days so far disputed. In the last round the Emilian team did not go beyond 1-1 against the Adrense, collecting a punticino that allows you to move in any way the ranking.

Probable Modena-Lentigione formations

In view of the meeting Modena-Lentigione, in sight this afternoon, the technicians Bollini is Psalms should opt for the following eleven holder:

MODENA: Piras; Ndoj, Gozzi, Dierna, Zanoni; Messori, Pettarin, Duke; Sansovini, Ferrario, Baldazzi

Piras; Ndoj, Gozzi, Dierna, Zanoni; Messori, Pettarin, Duke; Sansovini, Ferrario, Baldazzi


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