Moderator war! Janeckova was enraged by Písařovicová

Daniela had a guest on DVTV, Czeslaw Walek (47) from We Are Fair, which strives for marriage for everyone. As a well-known supporter of minorities, Ester was looking forward to the interview. “I was very happy to get a place in the media for the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. The We Are Fair movement, of which Czeslaw is the director, strives for marriage for all. And I strive for the same with them, “ Janečková said.

The terrible pain of presenter Ester Janečková (49): Her sons have left her!

But what she saw and heard on the screen disappointed her. “I know it is very difficult to be impartial. But you, Daniel, were very aggressive. “ wrote Esther on social media. “And unfortunately, Daniel, I felt the condemnation in your speech intensely. I’m so sorry … Thanks, Czeslaw, you were brave. “ Janečková did not resist emotions. Písařovicová she left her message unanswered …

The stripper in Incognito wilds Bezděková and Písařovicová!

Lesbian sister, gay nephew

The Post presenter supports gay equality for you not only because her sister lives in the household with her partner, but also because of her homosexual nephew Filip († 14), who hanged himself in 2014. “Today’s world is full of prejudice and hatred towards certain groups of people. It annoys me terribly and I wish it wasn’t like that, that all people were treated the same and that my death helped at least a little to the equality of all people on earth. “ Filip wrote in a farewell letter.