Modern Warfare released the first major patch with new maps – Gambling

Infinity ward released the first major update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, with which not only made a number of necessary adjustments to the balance, but also added fresh content.

Patch size:

  • 8.5 gigabytes on PS4
  • 12.1 gigabytes per PC
  • 11 gigabytes on the Xbox One.

For starters, yes – the 725 shotgun and the M4A1 assault rifle were cut off some parameters: both reduced range, and the machine also slightly increased recoil. Will there be enough of these adjustments to change the current meta? We will find out very soon.

Secondly, now when shot at claymore for mine clearance, the player will not die if he has a full supply of lives. In addition, the mine now has a smaller activation and explosion radius, as well as reduced overall damage. In other words, the chances of survival are increasing.

Thirdly, two new maps appeared (Shoot House for 6 by 6 modes and Krovnik Farmland for 32 by 32 modes), as well as the competitive mode “Base point”.

Other features of the update:

  • work began on adjusting the sound of steps
  • improved lighting in dark areas
  • a dozen improvements and fixes in cooperative "Special Operations"
  • adjustments to the behavior of different types of weapons: assault rifles have increased dispersion to reduce effectiveness near, and with submachine guns the player now moves faster.
At night, Activision announced that the first season of Modern Warfare, along with its debut combat pass, would begin during December.


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