Modern Warfare will add two new maps – for free! – Gambling addiction

Activision and Infinity ward announcedthat tomorrow, November 8, at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare two new maps for multiplayer will appear:
  • "Shooting range" – the leaks claimed that it was for "Fire Contact" ("2 on 2"), but the publisher calls it "multiplayer."
  • “Krovnik Farm” – a map for the “Ground War” (“32 by 32”).

In addition, a “Point of Defense” will appear tomorrow – a classic multiplayer mode where fighters capture points on the map, increasing the amount of points earned.

All new content will appear in the shooter tomorrow at the same time on all platforms, since the only temporary exclusion of PS4 is the cooperative "Survival" mode.

Apparently, the update also includes previously announced changes in the balance, including the sound of steps, the operation of the claymore and the reassembly of weapons.


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