Modernization of the SNCF Chartres-Courtalain line: “A major event” for those involved in the file

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After a first phase launched in 2019, modernization work will begin in 2023 for the SNCF line between Chartres and Courtalain, in the south of Eure-et-Loir. The State, the Centre-Val de Loir Region and SNCF Réseau are committing nearly 50 million euros for this project, which should be completed in April 2024.

This construction phase follows a first intervention carried out in 2019 on this Chartres-Courtalain line, which accommodates passenger trains, but also Freight (goods transport).

SNCF line between Chartres and Courtalain: 50 million euros to complete the modernization

To perform these operations, the SNCF plans to close the circulation of trains on the line between August 2023 and spring 2024. The works must make it possible to achieve various objectives. This TER line welcomes around 245,000 travelers per year (2021 figure).

A presentation of the modernization project for the Chartres-Courtalain line was made to the press, this Friday, January 6, 2023 in Illiers-Combray, in the presence of many elected officials and actors in the file. All evoke “a major event”.

Francesca Aceto, SNCF Réseau territorial director

The works must make it possible to achieve various objectives, indicates Francesca Aceto, regional director SNCF Réseau Centre-Val de Loire:

“To sustain this line for the next fifteen years, the ambition is therefore to maintain the speed of the line at 100 km/h, to keep the same number of trains running and to continue to run heavy trains for Freight. “

Philippe Vigier, MP for the fourth constituency of Eure-et-Loir

The culmination of this project is the result of a long process, as recalled by Philippe Vigier, MP (Democratic group) for the fourth constituency of Eure-et-Loir, mobilized for several years on this file:

“It’s a great work of co-production. With the regional council, which has always been there for many years to save this line. With the State, and its services in Eure-et-Loir, which has put money on the table, with the recovery plan in particular. The government had to be convinced. Clément Beaune, Minister Delegate for Transport, confirmed to me a few days ago that this line would be one of the priorities. Maintaining Chartres-Courtalain, which was announced to be closed 30 years ago, is a major event. There is a notion of general interest. Public service is also gaining ground in Eure-et-Loir.”

The renovation of the SNCF Chartres-Courtalain line halfway through

Philippe Fournié, Vice-President of the Region in charge of Transport

An opinion shared by Philippe Fournié, vice-president of the Centre-Val de Loire Region, delegate for Transport and Intermodality:

“These short lines bring balance and vitality to rural areas. This is a key issue for our region, the only one that has not closed short lines for twenty years. The work that will be undertaken will also bring economic activity to this territory, with agents who will in particular consume on site. More generally, this line is gaining in traffic, is used for Freight and represents a plus for tourism. From now on, we have to work in connection with the municipalities to deploy intermodality. We also have the ambition to develop the offer on this line, by 2024, with different equipment.”

The SNCF Courtalain-Chartres line under construction in January 2019

Yann Gérard, general secretary of the prefecture

Yann Gérard, secretary general of the prefecture of Eure-et-Loir and sub-prefect of Chartres, also took the floor to welcome the modernization of this Chartres-Courtalain line:

“The State can only congratulate itself for this operation. Since 2018, a total of some 60 million euros have been put on the table by the various actors. It is an emblematic project of the rail policy committed by the government, for a quality of service on daily lines, but also the development of rail freight.”

Simon Dechet

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