Modi received Messi’s jersey as a gift

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi was there to congratulate Argentina and Messi as the winners of the Qatar World Cup. “It will be hailed as one of the most exciting battles in football. Congratulations to champions Argentina. They tied the most beautiful game throughout the tournament. “Millions of fans in Argentina and India are rejoicing in this great victory,” Modi said.

Prime Minister Modi has also received Messi’s jersey as a gift, renewing the memories of the victory celebrated by the whole world. Messi’s t-shirt was presented by Pablo Gonzalez, head of YPF, an Argentine state-owned oil company. The handover was held during the India Energy Week celebrations.

Argentina started with a defeat in Qatar and then made it their own and finally reached the final and lifted the trophy. Messi also became the star of the tournament. The actor later said that he still kept everything, including the boots and T-shirts from the final.

Messi recently stated that he will settle in Barcelona when he stops playing and leads a rest life. “When I end my career, I will come back to live in Barcelona. That’s my home” were the words.