Mohabhangam!- Kerala Blasters vs ATK Mohun Bagan | | ISL 2022-23

Kochi ∙ Fireworks were the first. Poora fireworks of Kerala. When it rained, the fireworks got cold. The current of excitement dimmed and stopped at times. Finally Thrissur’s Gadi KP Rahul’s goal was like the declaration of ‘current vannuta..’. But Blasters had no charge to reach victory. Kerala Blasters lost 2-5 against ATK Mohun Bagan in the second home match of ISL 9th season. Dimitrios Petratos scored a hat-trick for Bagan (26th, 62nd, 90+2 minutes) while Johnny Kouko (38th) and Lenny Rodriguez (88th) scored the other goals. Blasters’ goals were scored by Ivan Kalyushny (6th minute), K.P. It belonged to Rahul (81). Australian Dimitrios scored his first hat-trick of the season.

The Blasters’ attack in the first few seconds had their opponents shaking and the fans in awe. In the pressing-attacking game, Bagan’s goal face trembled. The result was Ivan Kalyushnyi’s goal. Sahal’s pass from the right flank. Cool finish by Evan. Kalur stadium exploded goal.

After 20 minutes, the return fire rang out. Hormipalm could not stop the personal excellence of Ugo Bomas, who rushed with the ball from the left side. Dimitrios Petratos fired a left-footed shot past Bomas. The gallery fell silent (1–1). It can be said that the architect of Bagan’s second goal is Manvir Singh. Kauko rushed to the pass that split Manveer’s defense from the right wing. Bullet shot. It hit the roof of the blasters’ net. And to the chest of Blasters fans. Bagan lead 2-1.


The story of failure of Blasters continued in the second half. The second goal scored by Petratos did not dampen the morale of the team. But that was a chapter in the story of the game. A chapter that teaches the lesson that Blasters’ defenses can easily be broken down. Rahul’s goal for Blasters was a relief for the fans. Goalie Vishal tried to stop the ball shot from the right wing by kneeling and it leaked through the legs of Vishal Keith and into the net.

But Bagan once again demolished the Blasters’ fort through counter-attacks. 2 goals again. Through Lenny and Petratos.

The lesson of defeat?

The opponents were strong. Don’t forget your own defense when going against strong opponents with hyperpressing and high level attacks. The Blasters players did not forget to greet the fans after the match. At that time, there was a great noise in the stadium. It was a reminder that this defeat is not the final word in the league.

English Summary: ATK Mohun Bagan thumps Kerala Blasters 5-2 for season’s first win