Mohamed Farid: Economic reforms behind the historical stock indexes

Mohamed Farid: Economic reforms behind the historical stock indexes


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Books – Salahuddin Abdullah: “The Egyptian economy has gone through a difficult period after the government implemented a comprehensive package of radical reforms that are not in the hands of the Egyptian government,” said Mohamed Farid, head of the Egyptian exchange, at the Middle East Investment Conference organized by the Egyptian economy. The Egyptian Association of Investment Experts in cooperation with the Institute of Certified Financial Analysts
Farid added that the next phase will witness the completion of this reform and its continued implementation.
Continue to improve the business environment to attract more domestic and foreign investment companies is the main entry point to create jobs and improve living conditions.
Farid said the stock market has responded to economic reforms. Since the beginning of 2018, the main stock index has risen by 18.6%, while average daily turnover after November 2106 rose to 1.6 billion pounds compared to the average turnover of 530 million pounds
The Conference also stressed the need to provide all forms of support, assistance and support in various forms

For entrepreneurs who are able to change the shape of the Egyptian economy for the better and make it more competitive, as well as to overcome all the obstacles they face.
Farid stressed that the growth and development of the securities industry requires raising the financial awareness of the community as a stock market not only as a platform for financing but also as a mechanism for long-term investment, especially one of the mechanisms of fair distribution of income in societies. It is necessary to move towards raising the level of financial awareness in different tracks. The most important is the organization of training workshops for the employees of many companies in different sectors to introduce them to the advantages of savings and investment in the stock exchange. , As well as cooperation with the Ministries of Education, Youth, Sports and the Market and the main guarantor of shittat trade in the success of any proposals in market sizes.

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