The star Mohamed Imam expressed his sadness and sorrow for the death of the young artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki in the early hours of Thursday morning, inside his home in Sheikh Zayed, at the age of 35 years, after suffering a severe drop in blood circulation.

Imam published a picture of the late Haitham Ahmed Zaki through his account on "Instagram", accompanied by a comment: "My heart and I make me harbor you O Haitham .. How to bury you and take Hazak .. There is no power but God .. Goodbye, Habibie .. I will see you again" فسُبْحَانَ With whom the kingdom of all things shall be returned, and to him shall ye return. "

The security directorate of Giza had received a notification from the October Investigation Sector, a report from the fiancée of Haitham Ahmed Zaki that she tried to contact him more than once did not respond to her contacts, and a security force moved and opened the door of the apartment after the prosecution's permission, showing the artist's death, and the transfer of the body to the hospital Initially, the cause of death is a sharp drop in blood circulation.

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