Mohamed Rahim to delete Elissa’s voice from “Ask Him for Him” ​​(Video)


Mohamed Rahim to delete Elissa’s voice from the song «Ask him for him» (Video) News source – Art news – On Sunday, April 15, 2018, the composer, Mohammed Rahim, launched his new song titled “Ask Him Lih” through his official channel on the YouTube video site. The song aroused great controversy once it was broadcast on social media sites , Where the audience of the media media similar in tune with the song «Faker» Lebanese singer Elissa, issued in her album «Asaad one» in 2012, from the words of poet Ahmed Marzouk and composed by Rahim. The first is Egyptian with the signature of the poet Ahmed Marzouq, the second is the Libyan dialect signed by the artist Nasser, and the melodies, distribution and singing of Mohammed Rahim, but the strange words are also similar to the lyrics of the song Elissa. Part of the lyrics of the song of Mohammed Rahim: «Oh Rit Maafrnach O Ahababna .. Alienation time and difficult .. is the age of Kadash .. So we live it all in the torment and alienation .. It is years and you are Mahnash .. And longing play Bina uniforms game .. So game costume .. Habibi costume of the game .. ask him why .. It is not easy to us .. Mstni of me .. Our features are not our features .. Deloitte Bina e .. Not a memory of our wounds .. What is a world of joy for a moment and the rest Btbahna ». Part of the words «Vaker», «I want medicine to go back to? .. I am not myself to return to .. But life medicine Min .. Sabha and lived back to seconds .. If the day I tried to be .. It is very difficult to be in my place. .. And live a free and taste taste Malhoush Tani .. Ask the top of the Lih is we have not forgotten us .. Mstni of me, our features are not our features .. Deloitte Pina e not a memory Btjrna .. What is a world of joy and joy and the rest of Btbahna ». In a related context, Rahim is preparing to release his first religious album after several previous experiences as solo songs. He has also completed the finalization of the songs of Karma by Khaled Youssef, which is due to be shown on Eid Al Fitr. It is noteworthy that Mohammed Rahim is one of the most important young composers in the Arab world, and he is a certificate of international professionalism of the Association of Sacem French, the most famous in the world and is the second Arab to receive after the musician generations Mohammed Abdel Wahab. Luma News is a news search engine and Loma News disclaims its full responsibility for the contents of the news or images, but it is the responsibility of the original publisher of the news and source. The original publisher also bears the copyright and intellectual property rights of the news. This news was automatically transmitted and not by one of the editors of the site If you have the news and you want to delete it, please refer to the original source of the news first, and then write to us to delete the news. We welcome any communication regarding the news published in the follower, because we are a neutral site and welcome all opinions.


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