Mom arrested while-and expect the kids to school. Horrible crime for which he was sentenced to 15 years in prison

Mom arrested while-and expect the kids to school. Horrible crime for which he was sentenced to 15 years in prison


the Cops vasluieni they put into execution the mandate issued on the name of the woman of the court after the Court of Appeal Iasi has decided, definitively, the conviction of Ana Maria Surliac to 15 years in prison for aggravated murder. The woman was lifted Wednesday, October 11, near the School ”Mihail Sadoveanu”, where they expect kids to get out of the class.

For a few months, the woman lived in the municipality of Vaslui and after hours he was driving the kids to the Day care Center, located near the school. Ana Maria Surliac was sent to court being accused in 2013 of killing with cruelty the child that she gave birth alone, giving her the fire in front of the house.

In spite of the cruelty of which gave evidence, the woman was at a step to escape from prison. Initially, the prosecutors from Zamboanga have sent her on trial for committing the crime of infanticide, and the district Court Vaslui has ordered the condemnation to a year in prison with suspension. The file has arrived, in the appeal, the Court of Appeal Iasi, where judges have established that the magistrates of Vaslui they were wrong when they framed the act, so that they have ordered a retrial of the file under the aspect of committing the crime of murder. After the retrial, the Vaslui Court of law has ordered the sentencing to 15 years in prison to the mother of the criminal, his sentence was maintained by the superior court in Iasi.

And kill the child for fear of divorce

the Investigation in this case was triggered by the police after several villagers were called to 112. Considering that the woman was in conflict with her husband, who accused her of getting pregnant with another man, neighbors called authorities when they noticed that the young no longer present belly, but I don’t have any child . Investigators discovered that the woman was born at home, without medical assistance, and the baby was born alive. She admitted to investigators that immediately after the birth, wrapped the newborn in a sheet, after which it abandoned in one of the rooms of the dwelling. The next day, at dawn, gave him a fire near the house, subsequently throwing the charred corpse in the latrine in the yard of the house.

Ana Maria Surliac told investigators that he resorted to this gesture in the hope that it will bring him back home on her husband who left her, just because he suspected that the baby wasn’t his. Incidentally, after the onset of the research, the woman’s husband has filed for divorce.

Given that the mother was incarcerated, and the father is gone abroad, the two minors that were left alone were taken over by the representatives of the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Vaslui.


Dad George, a great-grandfather of the story who is raising granddaughter abandoned

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