A mother, born in her remote desert home in California, was beaten online after the baby died during childbirth.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, the woman who calls herself "Lisa" said a mixture of compassion and hard judgment after she decided to give birth – a home birth without medical intervention, including midwives.

Her baby, which she called Journey Moon, was born dead after six days of painful work. Only her husband and thousands of virtual Facebook fans witnessed the birth.

According to The Daily Beast, the bereaved mother belonged to a group known as The Free Birth Society. She kept her informed of any changes in her body during childbirth.

Members of the group reportedly pushed them from contractions to severe pain, to continue with the delivery and to "trust the process".

According to Freebirth Australia, his web site states: "A freebirth is an opportunity for an unhindered birth where the birthing process is respected for what it is – a biological function of the female body.

"Like the birth of an animal, the birth of a human requires a quiet, safe place to give birth undisturbed."

According to The Daily Beast, 29-year-old Lisa had irregular labor from 2 October. They kept going, then stopped and started again two days later, so heavy that she "could barely breathe".

"For days working," she wrote that day in the Facebook group. "I thought I was in transition at 11:30, but now it's 3 in the morning and it's very painful … as if I just wanted to lie down and stop the pain for a second."

Three days after her posting, Lisa's water finally broke. Her stomach hurt and she could not urinate. She opted for medical help.

Lisa was immediately admitted to the emergency room and remembers how her baby no longer had a heartbeat.

She had to push, but after three hours there was no progress.

"When I woke up, I was full of blood and everyone else," she said. "And it was so quiet there."

After six days of work, Lisa's last update of the group was on October 8, when she told members that her baby "a sleeping angel" was born.

"Journey Moon was born on 7 October as a sleeping angel weighing 4 kg."

"She passed a massive urinary tract infection I had … I'm lying in the hospital writing this and can go home tomorrow, we'll have Journey burned."

But while the mother received some sympathy, she was also criticized for not having gone to a hospital earlier, and said she was a "baby killer".

Lisa explained that instead of mourning her daughter, she spent the time after stillbirth to defend herself.

"The Twat of Free Birth Society has to come out of a damned window," wrote one person.

"I would not mind seeing this monster swinging on a light pole," another added.

Others contacted Lisa directly on social media, questioned her decision, and charged the grieving mother for the death of her baby.

"What should have been a time of mourning and grief with my family was now a time to defend myself from evil people and their terrible words," Lisa told The Daily Beast in an email.

"I could spend hours defending myself and my family, but I feel that these are people who never want to admit they were wrong, they'll still fight you dirtier than before."

Three weeks after her stillbirth, Lisa says the negative comments are drying up.

In an e-mail, she wrote that despite the death of Journey Moon, she still believes that it is a woman's right to choose her best birth option and not turn her back on the movement.

"My body is fully capable of birth, I was created for birth," she wrote.

"I can and will be born again, I'll be pregnant and born again, and the result will be different, I think so."



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