Mom of three children: Inci Sencer poses sexy in a bikini

Inci Sencer (28) is satisfied with herself and her body. The former Bachelor participant welcomed baby number three into the world last year – adding another girl to her family. To keep fit after the kids are born, Inci does a lot of sport and also likes to motivate her followers. Even if she takes the changes in her body after pregnancy calmly, Inci has rarely shared revealing photos of herself. Now she presents her after-baby body in a bikini.

On two photos she on her Instagramprofile, the mother-of-three poses in a patterned bikini, showcasing her slim figure perfectly. “Mom of three” and “self-love”, she wrote, among other things, about the sexy pics. In conversation with celebrity flash the 28-year-old also emphasized how happy she is currently with herself and her body successes: “I’m still a long way from where I want to be, but for three children I’m really proud of myself and I’m going full throttle again.”

And indeed, the fans are totally enthusiastic about the recordings. In the comment column, they already showered Inci with compliments and kind words. “Just awesome. Three kids and a body like an elf”, someone gushed. Bachelor winner Clea-Lacy Juhn (30) also wrote appreciatively: “What a body.”

Inci Sencer with her husband Daniel and their children
Ex-Bachelor participant Inci Sencer
Inci Sencer with her daughters, October 2021


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