Moment of Arrest of NGO Leader Who Extorted Police Members Rp. 2.5 Billion

KOMPAS.TV – Central Jakarta Police arrested the head of the NGO Shield for the People’s Struggle for Corruption, who extorted IDR 2.5 billion from members of the National Police.

The police said that the suspect was also extorted from several officials.

The Central Jakarta Police Satreskrim arrested the Head of the People’s Struggle Shield for Corruption or Tamperak.

The suspect, Kepas Panagean, was arrested at the NGO secretariat office in the Pesanggrahan area, South Jakarta, on November 22, 2021 afternoon.

This case began when the suspect was suspected of extorting a member of the task force who was hunting for the executor of the robbery of a Basarnas employee.

Extortion is carried out by threatening to go viral the task force members who are accused of working unprofessionally and violating the rules.

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