Moments of Youth Dragging a Workmate’s Body Before Fajr Prayer, His Relaxing Way Becomes a Spotlight

TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM – The seconds a young man named Rizki (18) dragged his coworker’s body was caught on a CCTV camera.

Which a few hours earlier, his coworker had just been killed by Rizki at the shop where the two were staying on Jalan Fatmawati Raya Hospital, Cilandak, South Jakarta, Monday (27/6/2022).

Then, Rizki intended to throw his friend’s body into the Pesanggrahan River, South Jakarta.

Rizki’s movements were seen through the CCTV camera when he dragged his coworker’s body using a luggage trolley at around 03:36 in the morning.

Launching from Instagram recording Jakarta, Rizki was seen wearing white clothes and Levis trousers.

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He walked backwards while pulling a trolley on top of which there was a large black plastic wrapped around the body of his friend, Aples.

Not looking panicked, Rizki was calm and wasn’t in a hurry when he ‘cleaned up’ his former crimes.

Had been seen in and out of shophouses, Rizki walked leisurely without looking like someone who had committed a murder.

Rizki when dragging his coworker’s body at dawn, Tuesday (28/6/2022). ( Furqon Hakim/Ig Recordjakarta)

Suddenly, Rizki’s movements invited netizens to ask questions in the comments column.

“It’s a mess, people can be calm, naturally,” wrote the account @muhammad_akbar **