Mommsenstraße: 24-year-old stabbed roommates

Mommsenstraße: 24-year-old stabbed roommates

Berlin – After the discovery of two dead men in the Mommsenstraße in Berlin-Charlottenburg, the police have cleared up the case on Friday. According to the investigators, a 24-year-old is said to have killed his 54-year-old roommate at 5 pm in a row in their shared apartment with a knife. Witnesses watched as he climbed from the roof of the building to the roof of the neighboring house after the crime and jumped into the depths. He died shortly afterwards on the sidewalk. On Thursday evening, firefighters and police had found the 54-year-old dead in the apartment.

Like the "B.Z." reported, the reason for the dispute was a theft. According to the report, the older man discovered that the younger man had robbed him and then allegedly asked him to speak.

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