The Momo would communicate with his victims via Whatsapp – Portable capture

His son was found dead in his room, hanging with his kimono belt. A father filed a lawsuit Monday near Rennes for "endangering the lives of others" against YouTube, Whatsapp, a dating site for teenagers and the state, after the death of his 14-year-old son in mid-October. A complaint filed with the gendarmerie of La Guerche de Bretagne confirmed by the public prosecutor of Rennes.

Kendal, well inserted in life and full of projects, would not have committed suicide according to his family but would have been trapped via "Momo Challenge". Accessible through WhatsApp instant messaging, this macabre game threatens its participants by inciting them to commit dangerous acts that can go as far as death.

"I'm accusing YouTube, Whatsapp and of not protecting young people," René Gattino told AFP. "I do not think the state has adequately addressed the dangers of these sites for young people," he said. "When it falls on you, we do not understand (…) We thought we were quiet in the countryside. But the internet is everywhere and we do not secure it, "he denounced. Despite his age, he explains that he was able to register himself on

"Psychological pressure on the youngest"

By these steps, the family wants above all to alert the public to avoid, she says, other dramas of the same nature. "The investigation and in particular the technical investigations are actively pursuing to try to determine the exact circumstances of the death," said Monday to AFP the prosecutor. Shortly after the death, the magistrate had also specified that the investigators were examining whether the possible "qualification of provocation to suicide on minors of 15 years" could be retained.

Before the return, the LREM deputy of Hauts-de-Seine Gabriel Attal, become Secretary of State to the Minister of Education, had a question to the Minister of the Interior Gerard Collomb to alert him to the dangers of "Momo Challenge".

The MP pointed to the "psychological pressure on the youngest" which "puts them in danger by forcing them to carry out more and more dangerous challenges". In 2017 the national police had warned against the risks of a similar game the "Blue whale Challenge" which pushed the young people to meet for 50 days more dangerous challenges until the last stage: suicide.


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