“Mon Dico d’Ado”, an essential guide for all teenagers

And if the dictionary of the girls of our adolescence was redesigned, and that we proposed an inclusive, feminist version of it, which sticks to the century in which we live? This is the ambition of the four authors of this illustrated dictionary, who wish to give today’s teenagers the keys they would have liked to have had at their age.

In this dictionary, we talk about sexuality, body and health, society, relationships, identity, emotions and how to grow. With a direct tone, each word finally answers one of the many questions that teenagers ask themselves. Testimonials from teenagers but also from adults are also present to share their experiences.

“Mon Dico d’Ado” is much more than a simple dictionary, it’s a real life guide for teenagers (we recommend from 12 years old, girl or boy). It’s also a good way for parents to engage in conversation, especially on topics that are not always easy to discuss, such as the discovery of sexuality.

mon dicodado

  • Author: Brio Teen
  • Illustrator: Pernelle Marchand
  • Editor ‏: ‎Les Insolentes
  • 400 pages
  • Prix : 24.95 €