The businesswoman Mona El Ghadban made a detailed confession before the First Prosecution of Nasr City under the supervision of Attorney General Tamer El Arabi, in her appearance in a sexual video with a famous director.

In the face of the accused videotape she admitted that it is the video, noting that she met the famous director on one occasion years ago, and the emergence of a love story ended with their marriage custom.

She added that the famous director promised to present her as an artist in a new cinematic work, and did not know that he filmed during the establishment of sexual relationship between them in his apartment.

After the investigation, the prosecution of the first Nasr City ordered the detention of the businesswoman Mona Ghadhban 4 days after the investigation; accusing her of appearing in a new pornographic video of the famous film director.

The General Administration of Literary Investigations was able to control the businesswoman Mona Ghadban, who is required to investigate her after leaking pornographic videos with the famous film director, in implementation of the decision of the Public Prosecution issued by the prosecution of Nasr City, where the execution officers managed to arrest her.

The prosecution heard the statement of the accused, who confirmed the authenticity of the videos and confirmed that it was filmed by the famous director who was married to him at the time of filming a video marriage in 2010 .



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