Mona Keijzer gives up Parliament seat and leaves national politics after resigning as State Secretary | Inland

Last weekend she was already fired as State Secretary after she criticized the corona ticket in De Telegraaf.

“I can no longer reconcile the policy with my mind and my conscience,” Keijzer writes in an extensive explanation. “People who know me well know that I have had serious doubts for some time about the logical nature, effectiveness and proportionality of the corona measures.” The introduction of the corona pass formed ‘the limit in terms of logic and explainability’ for her. “In addition, I can no longer reconcile the corona policy with my political sources of inspiration and the Constitution.”

She does say that she will remain a member of the CDA. This weekend there was speculation in The Hague about a switch to the split-off CDA member Pieter Omtzigt. “I will remain a CDA member,” says Keijzer. “That partly determines the person I am.”


“Following the events this weekend, Mona Keijzer has made the decision to make her parliamentary seat available immediately after consultation with the parliamentary group,” the party reports. Henri Bontenbal takes her place.

According to the CDA, the decision was taken ‘in good consultation’. Party leader Hoeksta and chairman Van Rij ‘are grateful to her’. “I respect that decision and would like to thank Mona enormously for her commitment, involvement and good cooperation in recent years,” says Hoekstra. “I have worked closely with Mona in the province of Noord-Holland as CDA members, and until this weekend in our role as minister.”

Van Rij praises her sharpness. “Her sharpness, idiosyncrasy and refreshing view of society as a young Christian Democrat struck me in the first conversation. In the past ten years she has fully realized her talent in both the House of Representatives and the cabinet.”

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