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by archyw

It’s always better at home, Moncho Fernández must have thought before deciding on a new adventure. Rumors seemed to suggest that the Compostela coach would continue his career away from Compostela, but in the end, Moncho is paying attention to one of the last shouts of the Caldeira de Sar fans when they closed the 20/21 season.

There are two more years of a good sports relationship that has kept the Obra at the top of the national basketball, not without effort, but so far the note is outstanding with the special circumstances of each year. Their relationship dates back to 2010, it was also a Holy Year, the Alchemist will continue to fight with Pablo Laso for the longest running trophy in the competition, which already has merit. In Santiago he will continue adding numbers to his particular statistics, including participation in a play-off and 163 victories. Moncho stays until 2023, good news for the sport of Compostela.

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