Monday was the warmest day so early in the year for 147 years

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Monday was the first time since the weather measurements began in 1874 that the thermometer reached 15 degrees so early in the year.

The cold has long had its roof over Denmark, but a change of weather has replaced minus degrees with plus degrees. On Monday, the temperature took a historic high and landed at 15 degrees in Store Jyndevad in Southern Jutland.

That’s a record. For it is the first time – since the measurements of the weather in this country began in 1874 – that the thermometer has reached such a high level so early in the year.

The key to the warm weather must be found far away from Denmark, says meteorologist on duty at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) Bolette Brødsgaard.

– We have received very hot air, which does not come from northern Germany or France, or where it could otherwise find to come from.

– It comes from the Sahara (the world’s largest warm desert, ed.). This has made the air very dry, which means that there are not so many clouds either. Thus, the sun has had a good opportunity to work on raising the temperatures, says Bolette Brødsgaard.

Dry weather and some sun will characterize the country next week, according to DMI’s latest warning. But that does not mean that new weather records are just around the corner, the meteorologist believes.

– There will be a cold front through Tuesday, and it will push a little to the air from the Sahara, so we will see a greater tendency for clouds. That way we will not get over the 15 degrees, but we will be closer to 10 degrees.

– But the sun is gaining more power at this time of year, so it will still be nice spring weather, Brødsgaard explains.

She states that air from the Sahara can come to Denmark at any time of the year. It is also a weather phenomenon that takes place from time to time.

– But you could say that it is unusual for it to happen right after a cold period. Because then you notice it even more.

The heat record for February is 15.8 degrees, and was measured on 24 February 1990 and 26 February 2019, respectively.

Bolette Brødsgaard denies that Monday’s heat record is related to climate change.

– No, it has nothing to do with climate change. Because there you have to take a closer look at global temperatures, she says.

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