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Money Citizenship income, here is who will receive the card between Easter and April 25th 2019: average recharge 520 euros

Of the first delivery of applications for citizenship income submitted in March, about 75% was accepted. And now the beneficiaries are wondering when the money will arrive and what amount will be loaded on the RdC card. To "give the numbers" was the new president-designate INPS, Pasquale Tridico, based on the statistics of the first 640 thousand verified questions. The percentage of acceptance of requests amounts to about 75%.

Citizenship income: that's when the money will arrive

While Tridico awaits the formalization of his appointment, who presented application for citizenship income it is now in trepidation to know if it falls within one in three to which the request has been accepted.

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When the money comes from the citizenship income and for whom

For beneficiaries of the grant, the first money should arrive between Easter and April 25th. In a very short time, they will then be notified of the withdrawal of the card at the Post Office. In this first delivery, there will therefore be around 480,000 cards loaded with citizenship income. From the checks of the next days we could add the other cards that result from the nearly 200 thousand additional questions to be examined.
But how much will the post card monthly be reloaded? According to initial estimates,average amount amounts to 520 euros per family.

Citizenship income: after work money?

In his speech Tridico also denied the rumors about thetemporary payment of the subsidy. The alarmism arose from a wrong interpretation of the verification of the existence of the requirements for the subsidy: “The Rdc is not recognized in provisional mode. If the information is in the INPS databases or in linked archives, the check is preventive and on the carpet. Otherwise it is a sample of self-certifications. If situations leading to forfeiture are highlighted, the service will be revoked and, in the case of false declarations, an undue penalty will be notified, in addition to the penalties, including penalties, provided for by law ”.
On the first phase of citizenship income, therefore, everything seems to be going smoothly and according to the times.

Speech very different for the second, which foresees, or should foresee, theinclusion of the beneficiaries of the subsidy in the world of work. Here the issues to be resolved remain different, starting from the recruitment of navigators and the organization of resources in employment centers. So much so that the same Tridico seems to get his hands on it when he declares that "Citizenship income will be assessed for how many people will subtract from poverty and not just how many will place them at work. The first objective is preparatory to the second ”. Fear of a flop of citizenship income regarding this second aspect?

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