Money for Bedburg Youth Center Capo

Bedburg-Kirdorf –

In the youth center Capo, between 60 and 80 schoolchildren take lessons on different instruments every week. In addition, the twelve-person vocal coaching group and the large choir Recovered Dimension are rehearsing.

For September this year to April 2022, head Anne Sass has now received funds from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which at least for this time make the lessons for everything free of charge.

Instrument for every child

Under the motto “Music makes you strong”, the Capo’s employees dream of enabling every child and young person to learn to play an instrument or to sing. The project not only helps many children to get started in the world of music. The development of the personality is also in the foreground. The children learn to take responsibility in the group and to be reliable.

In many project groups, the young musicians should have the chance to experience events that they will never forget in their lives. It is of course nice for the young people to work towards a goal such as a concert, a performance or a sound recording, but for the capo it is important that the process leading to it is decisive, said Sass. (taf)