Money for Real

UEFA have already sent the invoice to Real Madrid for the 132 million euros which they will pay, by transfer, in the coming days.

The calculation is as follows: 52.7 million euros is the amount that comes from the round of 16 (9.6 round of 16, 10.6 quarters, 12.5 semi-finals, 15.5 finals and 4 .5 to win the trophy).

To all this, we must add 36.4 ‘kilos’ to be among the top 10 in the UEFA coefficient.
As well as 15.6 for taking part in the competition and another 15.07 for being the group stage leader.

In total, 119.7 million euros to which must be added (16.84) from the famous ‘Market pool’.

In this way, Real Madrid inserts 132.48 million euros, since UEFA takes (4.17M) for “taxes and fees”).

A more than deserved Champion and which implies an important economic benefit for the capital injection entity. This money can be used to make multiple signings, consolidate undisputed footballer renewals and another percentage for savings.

The management of Florentino Pérez at the head of the club is enviable and an example for all directors in the world. Now, with no more time for celebrations, it’s time to think about the next season.

Real Madrid don’t live in the past and for this reason they are working to define a team that will allow them to continue reaping successes next season.

This is the size of the most successful club in history.

The 10 clubs that have won the most money in the history of C1 Europe

1- Real Madrid: money earned 863.3 million euros.
2-Bayern Munich: money won 826.8 million euros.
3-Barcelona: money won 811.4 million euros.
4-Juventus Turin: money won 780.8 million euros.
5-Manchester United: money won 701.9 million euros.
6-Chelsea: money won 595.5 million euros.
7-Arsenal money earned 558.3 ​​million euros.
8-Paris-Saint Germain: money won 482.9 million euros.
9-AS Roma: money won 447.7 million euros.
10-Olympique Lyon: money won 432.4 million euros.