Monica Bârlădeanu injected her botox for a medical problem. Cristina Spătar thinned her face with hair

Monica Bârlădeanu (41 years old) entered the specialist’s office since 2016. Renert Gad gave her injectable treatments for a while, which helped her keep her face firm, and recently, the actress turned to the famous doctor Radu Ionescu, who he injected them with botox, at a price of 400 euros. Officially, for a medical cause, namely bruxism or gnashing of teeth, but botox is a substance that helps you remove wrinkles from the face.

As for Dana Săvuică, she turned 50, so she is very attentive to the look. During the pandemic, he turned to the services of doctor Anca Cobzariu, who treated him with diamond particles, for post-acne scars and collagen stimulation. It’s a procedure that got Dana rid of wrinkles, blemishes and acne scars.

They take care of beauty even in a pandemic

Carmen Negoiţă (40 years old) also admitted that she goes to the aesthetic doctor Morad Iancu, in order to have a face like at 20 years old.

He volumized his lips, at prices between 300 and 500 euros, outlined the line of his mandible, for a more youthful look and also wiped the small wrinkles on his forehead. She looks great and has the look of a kid. The soloist Cristina Spătar (48 years old) did not let herself be outdone either, she choosing a new aesthetic intervention for the remodeling and lengthening of the face. “Slimming face” has the role of reshaping the mandibular line and to obtain a more sculpted, elongated appearance of the face. For this new solo procedure he turned to a clinic where the manager is Mădălina Brînduşescu. She told us about this procedure.

“Slimming is not a difficult and surgical procedure, on the contrary, it is very easy to do by inserting resorbable threads. An anesthetic cream is used, the procedure being extremely fast, about 30 minutes. This procedure can be performed at any time of the year. The results begin to be known after 10-14 days. For contouring the face, the techniques are customized “. Such an intervention costs 500 euros. Cristina said she was extremely pleased with the result. “I did this operation to thin my face and beautify it. Cosmetic interventions are in high demand for women who want a change, so it is very important that they choose a safe clinic. I saw so many celebrities who approached this beauty technique and I wanted to try it too ”.

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