Monica Bellucci with blonde hair is also mind-boggling: she has been transformed for the sake of her new role – World Star

Monica Bellucci she began appearing in films in the ’90s as an actress, but gained herself a larger fan base when she appeared in Matrix films in 2003. Before he conquered the movie screen, he worked as a model.

The Italian beauty’s latest documentary, The Girl In The Fountain, which is still employed by Italian beauty, will be screened in cinemas in December 2021, and will premiere at the Turin Film Festival on November 30th.

In her new film, Monica Bellucci hides in the skin of Anita Ekberg

Directed by Antongiulio Panizzi, the story will focus on Monica Bellucci, who was offered to play one of the sex symbols of the 20th century, Anita Ekberg, in a film. That’s exactly why we can see the actress in a blonde wig in several scenes. Although we think Bellucci is the most beautiful with dark hair, by the way, brown hair has become her trademark, but blonde curls are also very good for her.

The actress also shared the full preview of the documentary on her Instagram page, you can also watch it by clicking on the post below.

Born in Sweden, fashion model Anita Ekberg then became a beauty queen in her home country and began filming in the ’50s as an actress. He played his most famous role in The Sweet Life, directed by Federico Fellini of Italy. In this film, he dipped in a black dress at the Trevi Fountain, which to this day is considered one of the most iconic scenes in European film history. With this creation, he became one of the sex symbols of the era. However, in the description of the documentary, it can be read that Ekberg’s life was everything but not sweet, as he was actually devoured by being an iconic one.

The documentary explains how a contemporary star would feel if she played Anita? How would you feel in the place of a woman who was ruined by her own success as she struggled with her demons and doubts? The archival footage of Anita alternates with the story of a contemporary star, Bellucci, who is offered the chance to play the icon in a movie.

Monica Bellucci’s boldest photographs

He also took bolder photos, whether he was posing in lingerie or naked in front of the cameras. In our compilation you can see how Monica Bellucci posed for photographers at a young age.



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