Monica Di Bernardo, the farewell of colleagues from the Pizzoli school

The “Don L. Milani” Institute – Pizzoli, remembers with deep affection, esteem and gratitude the teacher Monica Di Bernardo who dedicated all her professional and human commitment to the school, a duty lavished without ever sparing herself and, as she said, “without looking at the clock”.

Monica DiBernardo, is the teacher, brilliant musician and stage actress, who lost his life, at the age of only 42, in the terrible accident which involved two cars in Pizzoli.

Farewell to Monica Di Bernardo, victim of the accident in Pizzoli

The memory of the principal, Paola Verini, of the vice principal Consolina Ricci and of the teaching staff of the Pizzoli school where Monica was serving. “She has spent her whole life devoted to children commendably until the last day. A whole life spent for the great passions that Monica has always cultivated: caring for the weakest, especially in hospital wards and the love of music as well as the theatre. She has dedicated all of herself to these all-encompassing and exclusive passions, without sparing herself, always acting for the common good, with the usual pleasant vehemence and intelligence of someone who has NEVER aligned herself with the flock. We remember Our Teacher above all for the courage of her being innovative, her desire to break the preconceived schemes, her support for the most fragile and weak, her respect and total dedication for the Scholastic Institution for which she worked. As a teacher you have always had one imperative, which you have reiterated to the point of exhaustion: the centrality of the student. ‘School is first and foremost about the students’, he said, and he has always based his actions on this to ensure that the school recognizes this centrality and “models itself” around the student. He loved to represent all of this with a pyramid: at the base teachers and administrative staff, at the top the student, on whom everything, he said, ‘must converge’, to provide students with knowledge and skills but also – above all – to train them in a broader sense, give them solid foundations as people and citizens: values ​​to take with them in life. We have a bigger role than just imparting knowledge. -‘We form citizens, we form people’, he always repeated! Almost all of its activities are designed for pupils. She was a sunny actress, musician who collaborated with the Teatro Stabile d’Abruzzo for love of art and always said: All of us teachers must have a goal: to become an Institute, one of the best and in some respects we already are. No one thinks this is a dream: this is an imagination that can be realized if we manage to carry on swiftly and decisively, in the way we started and above all counting on the creativity, intelligence and commitment of the youngest. In this way, today’s young people will be able to achieve goals that may seem impossible at the moment. She was a great Teacher even if for a short time! We all, Executive Staff, Teaching Staff, ATA and Secretariat, today want to remember our Teacher Monica like this, for everything she has been able to achieve, albeit for a very short period, tending to the good of our School, with a commitment never satisfied with the results achieved and ready to look ahead to achieve new goals”.

“Thank you Monica for what you gave us”.

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