Monica Geuze not happy with Britt Dekker’s statement: ‘Really antisocial’

Monica was at the gala because she was nominated in the Televizier-Ster Talent category, together with Rob Kemps and Raven van Dorst. In the podcast with Kaj Gorgels she tells what is bothering her. “I immediately sat down in the room, but apparently there was a red carpet show. So I’m sitting there, I suddenly see Rob Kemps and Raven van Dorst standing at Britt Dekker. The people I was nominated with. And I was standing there not at. Well fine, maybe I wasn’t supposed to be there, I know a lot,” says Monica.

However, it soon becomes clear to Monica that she was not invited for a reason. “They are a bit glorifying each other on that. Raven says: ‘But there is still someone nominated, right?’ To which Britt Dekker says: ‘Yes, Monica. But I only invite people here that I like.'”

Monica found this statement extremely antisocial, she says. “Why is it necessary to say that? I’m already nervous about the nomination. And then I sit with all the people who have to propose something to look at a screen and then I get a big sneer. I didn’t like it.”

Fortunately, it seems that Monica does not have to take Britt’s statement seriously. Britt tells RTL Boulevard that she did not mean it all that way. “After that we said that Monica is nice too. So of course not meant as she said it. Love her very much!” said the presenter.

Monica recently revealed that Temptation Island, which she presents together with Victor Verhulst, has made her think about her own relationship.

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