Monica Geuze undresses on Insta photo


At the end of 2021, Dutch celeb Monica Geuze was named Most Beautiful Woman in the Netherlands 2021 and that is of course a great honor. Such a certificate is of course not without a revealing photo shoot in the magazine.

Geuze was best known for her title ‘Most Beautiful Woman in the Netherlands’ as a vlogger and she also recorded some songs. In addition, she has appeared in many television and online programs, such as Crown witness, Tattoo Trippers, The Boys against the Girls, Hunting Season in Love Island.

We also saw her in the Dutch comedy Renesse from 2016 as Monica Geuze, so herself, and in the romkom What then is love from 2019, she surfaced as the character Tamara. Last year she was the presenter of Temptation Island: Love or Leave.

Striking photo shoot by Monica Geuze
To once again celebrate the title of Most Beautiful Woman in the Netherlands 2021, Monica, who was born in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, posted two photos of FHM. In the second photo, which can be seen via the link below, we see her in lingerie behind a window.

Want to see the photo of 26-year-old Monica Geuze? Check it out here on her Instagram page.