Monique Radisch: First woman on the executive board of Nürnberger Versicherungen

16. September 2020, 14:26

Nürnberger Versicherung is expanding the management board of its holding company and, with Dr. Monique Radisch (49) will be a woman for the first time as of October 1, 2020 at Nürnberger Beteiligungs-AG, responsible for the subject of “Customer Relationship Management and Operations”.

Dr. Monique Radisch is the first board member in all three companies of the Nuremberg Insurance Group.

Nürnberger Versicherung is expanding the board of its holding company: Dr. From October 1st, 2020, Monique Radisch (49) will be responsible for the topic of “Customer Relationship Management and Operations” at Nürnberger Beteiligungs-AG.

In this area, essential functions of operational customer management are bundled. From January 1, 2021, Radisch will also be responsible for this topic as a board member of Nürnberger Lebensversicherung AG and Nürnberger Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG.

This is the first time that the supervisory boards have appointed a woman to these three bodies. Radisch comes from Generali Deutschland AG, where she was most recently head of the customer service department in Cologne.

There she was responsible for the care of private, corporate and large customers as well as the claims service center. She also brings her experience in strategy development, company organization and customer orientation into her new role at Nürnberger. (dr)

Photo: Nürnberger Versicherung



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